What is this?

If you want to learn much, much faster and have what you study move to long term memory incredibly quickly, then you have come to the right place. You must be asking, “What is this and how do you pronounce it?” 

How do you say it?

Simple! First, say the word “imagery” then put an “m” on the front. Easy!

Why is it called “Mimagery”?

It’s called Mimagery because we use images to create memories. It’s “memory imagery” – m-imagery – we are so clever! 

What is so cool about using images to create memories?

Images are the key to much of your learning? Why? Your mind is very good at creating images and excessively good at remembering those images (Especially when you follow these tips). Your mind can remember words pretty well, but it can remember images like it’s nobody’s business. Keep in mind, the people with the best memories in the world (the guys and girls who can remember every card in a shuffled deck) in the world use this technique. Again, these images move to longer term memory faster. In other words, you learn more faster and actually will be able to recall more of it. 

Do you have an example?

Sure, imagine the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment. Another way to write “2” is by writing “II”. You can imagine those II as two big bar arms. The 2nd Amendment is the Right to Bear Arms. (Some people might even see two bear arms.) The likelihood you’ll forget that just decreased enormously. With just a few reviews of it, it’ll be in your long term memory – and your long term memory is boundless. 

How are Mimages created?

They are all made by students and professors and anyone. It’s like “Wiki-imagery”. Anyone can add a Mimage, or add their thoughts to a Mimage. The best Mimage gets voted to the top!

How should we upload out Mimages?

You can just click on “Create!” in the menu and then upload your content (after you register or login). If you wrote out your notes then just snap a picture and upload. Try to add any clarifying notes so people know what your images mean, explain them well. And listen, you don’t have to draw out your images, you can just write them like I did in the example above of the 2nd Amendment. But if you can or have the time, we highly recommend a sketch. It helps people remember! And also feel free to sketch out other people’s texts for them! It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, we drew this in about 20 seconds: 

Do I need an account?

Yes, but it’s free! 

Can we use other memory techniques like acronyms?