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SAT Math Equations


To remember the formula for the volume of a sphere, let's create a memorable mimage. Imagine a famous volleyball player named Vera. Vera (rhyming with "sphere-a") is known for her spherical volleyball skills. Now, picture Vera holding a large, unique volleyball that is exactly four-thirds its usual size. This oversized volleyball is covered in a giant pie (π) symbol, representing the mathematical constant pi. Vera is playing on a beach, where she scoops out exactly three handfuls of sand to fill her volleyball, symbolizing the three-dimensional aspect of the sphere.

As Vera serves the volleyball, it magically transforms into a globe, spinning and revolving, emphasizing the spherical shape. This bizarre image of Vera with her π-covered, oversized volleyball on the beach, scooping sand into it, links directly to the volume of a sphere formula: 4/3 πr³. Here, Vera (sphere-a), the four-thirds oversized volleyball, the pi symbol, and the three handfuls of sand all work together to symbolize the formula.

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