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Some Medical terms

Purines Adenine and Guanine. Purine structure 2 rings Pyrimidines Thymine and Cytosine Pyrimidine structure 1 ring Thymine pairs with Cytosine Cytosine pairs with Thymine Adenine pairs with Guanine Guanine pairs with Adenine Complementary sequence to 5'-CCAGTCC-3' 3'-GGTCAGG-5' Define Base Nitrogenous structure which is found between the double strands of DNA. Either single or double ringed. Adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil are all nitrogenous bases. Nucleoside A sugar bound with a nitrogenous base, although without an attached phosphate. Nucleotide A phosphate group attached to a nucleoside, or a phosphate group, 5-carbon sugar, and nitrogenous base.
Mimagery AI:
  1. Purines (Adenine and Guanine): Picture two purring rings (symbolizing "Purines") (think of a ring with a cat's mouth purring) one purring is on Adam (think of a famous Adam) and Gabe (think of a famous Gabe or another person's name who starts with G). Adam (Adenine) and Gabe (Guanine) are holding hands, representing their association.
  2. Purine Structure: Imagine a two-ring circus with performers (symbolizing "Purines") juggling two rings, representing the purine's double-ring structure.
  3. Pyrimidines (Thymine and Cytosine): Visualize pyramids with one prymiad have think the head of a famous Tim (I think of Tim Duncan) and Sid (I think of SinBad - close enough). Tim (Thymine) and Sid (Cytosine) are smaller than the two-ring circus, symbolizing their single-ring structure.
  4. Pyrimidine Structure: Picture a single, large pyramid (symbolizing "Pyrimidine") in an ancient landscape, highlighting the single-ring structure of pyrimidines.
  5. Thymine pairs with Adenine: Imagine Tim the pyramid (Thymine) holding hands with Adam the purring ring (Adenine), representing their pairing in DNA.
  6. Cytosine pairs with Guanine: Visualize Sid the pyramid (Cytosine) shaking hands with Gabe the purring ring (Guanine), symbolizing their complementary pairing.
  7. Complementary Sequence to 5'-CCAGTCC-3' (3'-GGTCAGG-5'): Just do the oppostie there
  8. Define Base: Imagine a Knight's helment (symbolizing "Nitrogenous") on a baseball base - which is on a DNA-shaped field, with single or double rings as players (Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine - Adam, Gabe, Sid, Tim as players), illustrating the concept of nitrogenous bases in DNA.
  9. Nucleoside: Visualize a sugar cube (symbolizing the sugar component) tied to a knight helmet baseball base (nitrogenous base), but without a phosphate group (a broken phosphorescent light), representing a nucleoside.
  10. Nucleotide: Picture a phosphate group (like a phosphorescent light) attached to the nucleoside (sugar cube and nitrogen base), forming a complete structure, symbolizing a nucleotide.