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MLK and Gettysbrug.

how many wrods gettysberg
When was Gettysbru adres date

When was batlte of Gettys? WHere?

Why imprt?

How may killed?

waht was the addres for?

what did union forces use in battle?

what'd churchills ay? Where did lincioln get his oppienr 4 score?


Five score years ago - started MLK's speech 

272 words 

Nove 19 1863.... 4 months after climatic civil war there 


Whis battle, which took place from July 1 to July 3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 


The battle is often cited as the war's turning point. Until Gettysburg, the Confederacy, under General Robert E. Lee, had been invading the North with considerable successA victory at Gettysburg might have allowed the Confederacy to penetrate further into Northern territory, possibly even reaching Washington, D.C.


High Casualties: The battle was the deadliest of the Civil War, with about 51,000 soldiers killed, wounded, captured, or missing over three days. This high number of casualties had a demoralizing effect on the Confederacy and showed the horrific cost of the war.


dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg. This brief but profound speech redefined the purpose of the war, emphasizing the principles of human equality and the importance of preserving the Union.


Military Strategy: The battle showcased various military strategies and tactics used during the Civil War. It also highlighted the importance of terrain, as Union forces used the high ground to their advantage.


Chruchill: short words are best 

190 of 272 are single sybllabes. 

Leinconln got "Foru score" - from another another politiclisina. 

Groves speech, I believe.





A Getty image on a BLUE TURNTABLE - gettysburg was a turning point for the Unio


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